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Tammy Baltz
Board Director

Tammy co-founded the Fair Employment Agency. Having spent over a decade providing legal support to domestic workers who had been overcharged by employment agencies, Tammy concluded that only systemic change could stop the revolving door of indebted workers. Tammy has a background as a CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers and an SAP consultant in the US, Europe and Asia.

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Jennifer Meehan
Board Director

Jennifer joined Fair just months after launching in early 2015. Prior to Fair, Jennifer had been the Co-Head of Global Programs and Asia Regional CEO of Grameen Foundation. Jennifer was part of the teams who developed some of the innovative impact funding mechanisms that helped rapidly expand microfinance.

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Joanne Oswin
Board Director

Jo joined Fair in 2018, after 28 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). For several years prior to Fair, she specialized in corporate reorganizations until 2005. From then until her retirement in 2017 she held the position of Chief Operating Officer for PwC China. She led multi-faceted teams that scaled operational and governance capabilities that supported dramatic sustained business-wide profitable growth.

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Dan Viederman
Board Director

Dan is the Managing Partner at Working Capital Fund and is an award-winning social entrepreneur and leader in supply chain innovation. Previously, Dan was CEO of Verite, a leading non-profit organisation working against global forced and child labor through in-depth research and corporate engagement. In recognition of his work at Verite, Dan was awarded the 2007 Skoll Foundation Award for Social Entrepreneurship and was named Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the year in 2011.  

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