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Migrant workers are highly vulnerable to forced labor situations


We invest in and support the growth of enterprises tackling exploitative labour migration markets.

What We Do


We're driving the market towards the ethical recruitment of migrant workers. 
We do this by building an ecosystem of mission-aligned enterprises.  Honest Jobs provides flexible investment funding to local entrepreneurs working in the recruitment industry where migrant labour is prevalent. 
We also mentor and advise our entrepreneurs, accelerating their business growth and maximising their impact.

Our Story


Debt-led recruitment is a primary cause of forced labour conditions among workers.

Our team at Fair Employment Foundation launched Fair Employment Agency in 2014 in Hong Kong to address this issue. We've seen its impact on the local market since: employers receiving better service, workers paying less, and worker retention rates rising. 

To replicate this impact in other markets, we launched Honest Jobs in 2021.  We are now setting an ethical standard for migrant labour recruitment not only in Hong Kong but across Asia.



Working with local entrepreneurs is key to our approach. They are better prepared to navigate their own market landscape and effectively engage stakeholders. These are our partners in leading industry-wide change.


Domestic Work​, Manufacturing


“Pinkcollar launched its services with a tried-and-tested recruitment strategy that we felt confident with, thanks to our mentor, Honest Job's guidance. Honest Jobs has helped us set up a strong end-to-end recruitment pipeline that is ethical and responsible.,”

- Zenna Law, Co-Founder of

Pinkcollar Employment Agency

Domestic Work​


"In its 6 years of operation, Goodhire has strived to create an ethical and effective platform to benefit both employers and employees. We are confident that with Honest Job's support, Goodhire will scale its impact, and bring Singapore one step closer to ending forced labour amongst migrant workers."

- Jude Lee, Director & 

 Founder of Goodhire

Areas of Focus



Our experience has shown that the most effective intervention is at the recruitment stage, when workers are most vulnerable. Agencies play a central role in recruitment -- they interface with workers, employers, training centres, and governments.



Training that prepares migrant workers for their entire migration journey leads to better labour outcomes. We believe that training is an investment that also benefits employers who are willing to pay for it.



We see technology as an enabler. The opportunities for impact include but are not limited to information access, data collection, and the development of tools to protect migrant workers. 

What We Look For


We exist to eliminate forced labour situations that migrant workers often face. We look for investee alignment with our mission and approach first and foremost. 


Our entrepreneurs balance the urgency of solving their business challenges with the patience and discipline needed for long-term, system changing solutions.


Financial success is essential to prove the market viability of ethical recruitment. A deep understanding of the industry and market dynamics is critical to business performance.

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