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Forced labour is a solvable world problem. 

We make strategic investments to disrupt inefficient and exploitative labour migration markets and eliminate conditions of forced labour.

What we do


There's no shortage of employers willing to pay for ethical recruitment of migrant workers. The market is waiting. 
We help local entrepreneurs fill this demand by providing flexible investment funding to local entrepreneurs, so they can build impactful recruitment businesses in their own markets. 
We then mentor and advise our entrepreneurs so they can maximize their scale and impact.

Our Story


Debt bondage to recruitment agencies is a primary cause of forced labour. We saw a broken system and knew we could do better. ​


Our team launched the Fair Employment Agency in 2014, setting a new and ethical standard for migrant recruitment. We've seen its disruptive impact on the market in Hong Kong: employers are getting better service, workers are paying less and retention rates are up. 

We wanted to create a similar impact in other markets. So we launched Honest Jobs, to maximize our expertise (and funds) to build a new category of recruitment agencies, who will set new standards for migrant recruitment globally.



Working with local entrepreneurs is key to our approach. They are better prepared to navigate their own market landscape and effectively engage stakeholders. These are our partners in leading industry-wide change.


Domestic Work​


“Pinkcollar launched its services with a tried-and-tested recruitment strategy that we felt confident with, thanks to our mentor, Honest Job's guidance. Honest Jobs has helped us set up a strong end-to-end recruitment pipeline that is ethical and responsible.,”

- Zenna Law, Co-Founder of

Pinkcollar Employment Agency

Areas of focus




Our experience has shown that the most disruptive intervention is at the employment agency stage(s). Agencies work directly with migrants while also working deeply with employers, training centres and governments. Establishing ethical migrant recruitment agencies is our top priority.



Migrant focused training, designed to help prepare them for the entire migration process, is an essential part of improving the outcomes for migrant workers. We believe there are many opportunities to be explored with training, and employers would be willing to pay for it.



We do not anticipate investing in technology. But, we see opportunities to be subject matter experts for those who are developing tools to protect migrant workers. 

Domestic Work​


"In its 6 years of operation, Goodhire has strived to create an ethical and effective platform to benefit both employers and employees. We are confident that with Honest Job's support, Goodhire will scale its impact, and bring Singapore one step closer to ending forced labour amongst migrant workers."

- Jude Lee, Director & 

 Founder of Goodhire

Domestic Work​


What we're looking for:


We exist to eliminate the situations of forced labour of migrant workers. While we understand the pressures of running a business, we need to have confidence in an investee’s alignment with our mission and approach. 


Our entrepreneurs need to feel an urgency to solve their business’ challenges while having the patience and discipline to build solutions out over the long term.

They must have an appreciation

of market principles and be focused on deeply understanding the industry. 


We need entrepreneurs who are dedicated to transforming the market. Financial success is an essential part of disruption, as it proves the economic case for ethical recruitment. Initially, we are most focused on the social returns associated with growing the ethical recruitment market. We expect financial returns to come with the sustained success of our portfolio companies.

FEF logo1-01.png

Fair Employment Foundation contributes expertise and industry knowledge to inform our approach. The Hong Kong-based NGO builds market solutions to end the forced labour of migrant workers. 

Supported by

Macquarie Group Foundation is committed to improving migration outcomes across Asia. They are a programmatic funder enabling us to launch Honest Jobs and make impactful investments into ethical entrepreneurs.

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Our anchor funder, Working Capital Fund invests in scalable innovations that address corporate demand for more transparent and ethical supply chains. A long-standing supporter, they have helped shape Honest Jobs to where we are today.

Are you ready to build solutions?

Let's talk. 


Connect with Carmel Laurino,

Managing Director of Honest Jobs

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Meet the Team

Carmel Laurio.JPG

Carmel Laurino

Managing Director

Prior to leading Honest Jobs, she was the Head of Group Operations for the Fair Group and was focused on driving mission-aligned changes working closely with Fair’s entities. Before joining Fair, she founded Kalsada Coffee, a social enterprise that has become one of the largest exporters of Philippine specialty coffee. Kalsada pioneered the introduction of Philippine-origin coffees to the export market and continues to partner with rural farming communities to invest in its infrastructure. Carmel is passionate about enabling teams, solving problems and creating high impact solutions. 

Board of Directors


Tammy Baltz

Board Director

Tammy co-founded the Fair Employment Agency. Having spent over a decade providing legal support to domestic workers who had been overcharged by employment agencies, Tammy concluded that only systemic change could stop the revolving door of indebted workers. Tammy has a background as a CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers and an SAP consultant in the US, Europe and Asia.

Jennifer low res.jpg

Jennifer Meehan

Board Director

Jennifer joined Fair just months after launching in early 2015. Prior to Fair, Jennifer had been the Co-Head of Global Programs and Asia Regional CEO of Grameen Foundation. Jennifer was part of the teams who developed some of the innovative impact funding mechanisms that helped rapidly expand microfinance.

JO headshot.jpg

Joanne Oswin

Board Director

Jo joined Fair in 2018, after 28 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). For several years prior to Fair, she specialized in corporate reorganizations until 2005. From then until her retirement in 2017 she held the position of Chief Operating Officer for PwC China. She led multi-faceted teams that scaled operational and governance capabilities that supported dramatic sustained business-wide profitable growth.

Dan Viederman low res.jpg

Dan Viederman

Board Director

Dan is the Managing Partner at Working Capital Fund and is an award-winning social entrepreneur and leader in supply chain innovation. Previously, Dan was CEO of Verite, a leading non-profit organisation working against global forced and child labor through in-depth research and corporate engagement. In recognition of his work at Verite, Dan was awarded the 2007 Skoll Foundation Award for Social Entrepreneurship and was named Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the year in 2011.  

Scott Stiles.png

Scott Stiles


Scott is the founder of Honest Jobs and  co-founded Fair Employment Agency and Fair Employment Foundation. Since then, the Fair Group has been building its own revenue-generating businesses, dedicated to eradicating forced labour of migrant workers. Under his leadership, Fair Employment Agency grew to become one of the largest migrant worker recruitment agencies in Hong Kong and its disruptive impact is apparent with fees to workers being significantly reduced in the market. Scott now plays an advisory role across the Fair Group entities and is the Special Advisor to Fair Hiring at SEEK. He is an Ashoka Fellow and has been recognised on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list.

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